I. duplicate du‧pli‧cate 1 [ˈdjuːplkt ǁ ˈduː-] noun
1. [countable] an exact copy of a document:

• Did you keep a duplicate of the contract?

2. in duplicate if a document is written in duplicate, there are two copies of it:

• Provide a separate invoice in duplicate for each purchase order.

  [m0] II. duplicate du‧pli‧cate 2 [ˈdjuːplkeɪt ǁ ˈdu-] verb [transitive]
to repeat, perhaps unnecessarily, something that has already been done:

• Duplicating research is costly and time-consuming.

• The report merely duplicates earlier findings.

— duplication noun [uncountable] :

• We need to eliminate such wasteful duplication of effort.

* * *

duplicate UK US /ˈdjuːplɪkeɪt/ US  /ˈduːplɪkeɪt/ verb [T]
to make an exact copy of something: »

There's a machine that can duplicate nine DVDs at a time.

to do something again that has already been done, when this is unnecessary: »

Some of the proposed laws duplicate those already adopted by the federal government.

to make something happen again in the same way as it happened before: easy/difficult/impossible to duplicate »

Their past success might be hard to duplicate.

Compare COPY(Cf. ↑copy) verb
duplicate UK US /ˈdjuːplɪkət/ US  /ˈduːplɪkɪt/ adjective [before noun]
made as an exact copy of something: duplicate copy/file/record »

We will not be able to return the documents, so keep a duplicate copy.


duplicate invoice/statement/receipt

done or made for a second time, especially when this is not necessary, or in order to deceive: duplicate payment/claim »

Internal controls are not in place to provide for the prevention of duplicate payments.


Dishonest people filed duplicate claims or received rental assistance while living in government-paid housing.

duplicate UK US /ˈdjuːplɪkət/ US  /ˈduːplɪkɪt/ noun
[C] an exact copy of something: »

I have lost the document and my boss says she cannot provide a duplicate.

a duplicate of sth »

Ask the bank to send you a duplicate of the bank statement each month.


create/make/produce a duplicate

Compare COPY(Cf. ↑copy) noun
in duplicate — Cf. in duplicate

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